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  Library Board of Trustees 2024

The Library Board of Trustees is the governing body of the library. The Library Board is composed of nine Trustees and two alternates.


Board Officers

Larry Hines, President

Charlie Grau, Vice President 

Linda Peskin, Treasurer

Robert J. Donohue, Assistant Treasurer

Dianna Paradise, Secretary 


Board Members

Matthew Kayne, Mayor

Dr. Thomas A. Gorman, Superintendent of Schools

Deborah Kozell, Trustee

Deborah Nielson, Trustee

Dr. Sunil Shah, Trustee


Board Alternates

June Witty, Mayor's Alternate

David Tubbs, Superintendent's Alternate

  Meeting Schedule 2024

The Library Board meets in open public session on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00PM in the Pio Costa Auditorium of the library except for holidays, during which they meet on the date noted below. Alternate dates are planned in the event that the Library is closed for emergency or weather. 


The public is invited to attend the Board Meetings and there is a an opportunity for the public to speak to the Library Board at every meeting.


The schedule for 2024 is as follows:

Regular                    (alternate)

February 12               February 26 
March 11                    March 18 
April 8                         April 15 
May 13                        May 20 
June 10                      June 17 
July 8                         July 15 
August 12                  August 19 
September 9             September 16 
October 21                October 28 
November 18            November 25 
December 9              December 16 
January 13, 2025     January 27, 2025

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