Staff List & Contact Information

Department phone extensions are listed below. The library's main line is 973-402-0900. 

Do you have a suggestion for improving the library? Send us your idea! Email us at: 


Catherine LaBelle, MLS, Library Director, x221

Molly Hone, MLS, Assistant Library Director, x239

Jeanne Ivy, MLS, Library Business Associate, x221 

Walter Clark, Head of Circulation, x232

Janina Bartman, Account Clerk, x225


Programs & Services Department

Kids & families, x224; Adult & information services, x227 

Risa Skerker, MLS, Kids & Families Librarian, x242

Michael DeVincenzo, MLS, Technology Librarian, x242

Amy Resnikoff, Kids & Families Programs Associate, x240, x224

Pamela O’Gorman, Adult Program Associate, x222

Nina Zarin, Kids & Families Senior Library Assistant, x224

Cindy La Rue, MLS, Adult Services Librarian, x227

Angie Ryoung, Library Associate


Customer Service/Circulation Department

Customer Service/Circulation Department, x229

Walter Clark, Head of Circulation, x232

Nilufer Sozusen, Library Assistant, x229

Tracy Abuoliem, Library Assistant, x229

Sue Leung, Library Assistant, x229

Kai Chan, Library Assistant, x229

Jo Perez, Library Assistant, x229

Karen Rotter, Library Page