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How it Works:

The Seed Library is an Exchange Program for our shared community experience. We provide non-GMO, heirloom seeds that you can take home after your sign them out. Then, you plant the seeds and harvest your crop. We ask that you save some different varieties of seeds and return them to the library to share with others. We have a Sign-Out Book for you to check out seeds. We also have blank “Saved Seed” envelopes for packaging and returning three new seed varieties. There are in-house informational books and materials about gardening for you to peruse in our display area while you are here and even more information on free Seed Sharing programs and other resources for gardening. Pictures of your garden are also welcome to share in our community photo album as you share your Seed Exchange Experience.

How to Borrow Seeds:

The seed library is located at the far-right area in The Library of Things, (next to the Puzzles.)


  1. Take 3 seed packets. Sign out any three seed packets you like and use the Seed Exchange Sign Out Log Book.   Please provide the date, the name of the seed(s) borrowed, your name, contact information (optional).

  2. Grow your garden!

  3. Replace three seed packets. Either at the time you check out or later after harvest, please make sure to take three blank “Saved Seed” envelopes and return with three different seed varieties. We will log them in our Seed Inventory Book.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at


Resources and Information:

Thanks to Baker Creek for their generous donations. 

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