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How to Use the Nonfiction Collection

We have recently reorganized our nonfiction collection to make it easier than ever to find what you are looking for! Please read the guide below to navigate our collection! 

  • When you search for a book in the catalog, the entry will look like this:

  • You'll find the book in the location indicated by the category ("History-US") then locate the book in that section using the Dewey number ("629.4072"). You'll use that entire call number-- History-US 629.4072-- to locate the book.


  • Categories/locations are organized in alphabetical order. (Art-Design-Photography is first, then Biography, and so on.) You'll go to History-US section, then look for the book by its Dewey Decimal-based call number.


  • The book will have two spine labels: one on the top with the category name and one on the bottom with the Dewey Decimal-based call number.


If we compare finding a book to finding a street address, think of the category name as the street name and the Dewey number as the specific address. We have created short video tutorial on how to find nonfiction books. Here is our full list of nonfiction categories.

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