Code of Conduct


The Montville Township Public Library strives to make this facility a warm and inviting place for all people. It is the intent of the Library that all Library patrons should be able to use its facilities to the maximum extent possible during regularly scheduled hours.


This Code of Conduct has been developed by the Library Board of Trustees to minimize situations in which any Library patron interferes with the legitimate Library business of other customers and staff, to protect the safety of Library patrons and staff and to protect Library property. library patrons shall be engaged in activities associated with the use of the public library while in the building. Library customers shall respect the rights of other patrons and of the staff.


Examples of disruptive or unacceptable behaviors include, but are not limited to:

  1. Cell phones and handheld devices must be turned off or placed on mute or vibrate.

  2. Eating or bringing food into the Library. Beverages in covered containers are allowed but not in any proximity to Library computers .

  3. Engaging in loud conversations, using offensive and/or harassing language or gestures, making noise, running, pushing, shoving, or following another customer.

  4. Stealing defacing, or misusing library materials, equipment or facilities.

  5. Smoking, using tobacco products, striking matches or lighting lighters.

  6. Misuse of restrooms; for example, shaving, bathing or laundering clothes.

  7. Carrying a weapon into the Library unless authorized by law enforcement.

  8. Bringing animals into the Library except as necessary to assist a user with a disability.

  9. Playing of audio equipment loudly so others can hear it.

  10. Leaving a child who needs care (under the age of ten) in the Library without supervision.

  11. Failing to wear appropriate attire, including shoes and shirt.

  12. Sleeping.

  13. Misusing furniture; for example, sitting on tables or putting feet on chairs or work surfaces.

  14. Skating and related activities such as the use of inline skates, skateboarding, etc.

  15. Interfering with another person's use of the Library or with a Library staff member's performance of their duties.

  16. Petitioning, soliciting or distributing materials .

  17. Participating in any illegal or prohibited activity including possession of and distribution/sale of drugs.

  18. Gambling in any form or any game of chance or cards where money is exchanged or collected.

  19. Unauthorized photographing, videotaping or recording library patrons without their prior permission .

  20. Leaving bicycles and other small vehicles unattended at the library entrance rather than in the bike rack on the sidewalk.

  21. Engaging in any activity not in compliance with the Library's Internet or Computer Use Policy.

  22. Engaging in any activity not in compliance with the Library's Commercial Business Policy


Library patrons who fail to observe this Code of  Behavior or other rules and regulations of the library may be asked to leave the building or depending on the offense (local, state or federal law) may be subject to arrest. Any Library patron who violates the Library Code of Behavior, rules and regulations will be denied the privilege of access to the facility by the library Director.  Any Library patron whose privileges have been denied may have the decision reviewed by the library Board of Trustees.


Revised by the Library Board of Trustees, September 13, 2021


You can get a free full service library card online by clicking here or by coming into the library and providing proof of residency in Montville Township. Verify proof of residency (tax municipality) by showing a driver’s license, state of New Jersey-issued identification card, or alternative proof of address in Montville Township. The following documentation may be used to prove residency: current utility bill or lease, current tax statement or current bank statement. For a card for a child from birth to 16, bring the child to the library and show the parent's proof of address in the Township.  Montville residents who are 17 and over can obtain their own library cards.  We also offer courtesy cards to non-residents who work in the Township, K-12 cards for Montville school students and teachers who are non-residents, and paid cards for $250 per year. Please contact the Library for more information.    


Fees & Fines

Fines begin to accrue daily on a borrower’s account the day following the due date.  When these fines exceed $10.00 or more the patron will be blocked from further borrowing at any M.A.I.N Library until the materials are returned and fines are paid. If overdue materials are returned to a book drop, borrowing privileges may still be blocked until the material has been discharged from the account and fines have been paid.

Fine & Fee Schedule 

Type of Material

Fine Per Day & Maximum Fine

Overdue Adult Print Material & Puzzles

15¢ per day, $5 maximum fine

Overdue Juvenile Print Material

15¢ per day, $5 maximum fine

Overdue DVD, Blu-Ray, or Video Game

$2 per day, $5 maximum fine

Overdue Music CD, Books on CD, Playaways, or Misc. A-V

15¢ per day, $5 maximum fine

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Materials

Full cost of the item, plus $10 processing fee

Missing Barcode or RFID Tag


Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Materials

Fees determined by loaning agency

Lost or Stolen Library Card Replacement


Returned Check

Fees based on return check fee back assesses

Lost or Damaged Media Case, Insert, or Graphic


Paid Library Card for Borrowers Ineligible for Free or Reciprocal Borrowing

$250 (for a one-year membership)

Lost Single Disc for Book on CD/Book Set

Varies, full replacement value may be charged

Photocopies (Black & White)

10¢ per page

Photocopies (Color)

25¢ per page

Computer Printouts (Black & White)

10¢ per page

Computer Printouts (Color)

25¢ per page

Fax Machine

$1 per page outgoing/incoming

Museum Passes

$5 per day overdue, $25 maximum fine

Lost passes will incur a replacement processing fee

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees, January 9, 2018 (subject to change)


Quiet Study Room Policy

The Library Study Room is intended for informal individual or small group use and is not to be used for commercial purpose.
The Montville Township Public Library has first priority for use of the Study Room and has access to the room at all times.

  • Study Room must be checked out from the Library’s Information Desk.

  • Individuals that are using the Study Room without checking the room out will be removed.

  • Study Room is available to the public on a “first come, first served” basis.

  • Study Room may be checked out for up to 2 hours per day.

  • Study Rooms will be locked 15 minutes prior to the library closing.

  • If no other group is waiting, the individual or group is presently using the Study Room may stay until another group or individual is scheduled.

  • An individual must present a Montville Township Public Library card (in good standing) to checkout a Study Room.

  • The Montville Township Public Library is not responsible for accidents, injury, loss or damage to the private property of the individual or organization using the room.

The Study Room is intended for quiet use:

  • Laptops, personal computers, cell phones and other electronic devices may be used in the Study Room, provided the volume controls on such devices are adjusted so as not to disturb others in the Library.

  • Individuals or groups who are noisy or unruly will be asked to leave.

  • The Library’s Code of Conduct Policy applies to the Study Room except where amended by this Policy.

The responsible user will be held financially responsible for any damage to the group study room or furniture:

  • The room must be left in the condition that it was found.

  • Persons who leave study rooms untidy may lose future study room privileges.

  • Tables and chairs may not be moved into or removed from study rooms without explicit permissions of the Library staff.

  • Doors may not be blocked.

  • Windows, doors and venetian blinds in study rooms may not be covered at any time.

  • No items shall be tapes or tacked to the walls, windows or doors. Bulletin boards are provided in the room for that purpose.

Children under the age of 12 are not permitted use of study rooms without an adult in the room with them.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees, January 12, 2015. The Library Board reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.


Private/Commercial Business Policy

The Township of Montville prohibits any person(s) from conducting private/commercial business in any Township Building.

Private business includes, but is not limited to: private paid tutors, internet business, presentations to clients for paid services, and any other private/commercial businesses.

The Montville Township Public Library Board of Trustees recognizes that tutoring is an activity that relates to the library’s role as an educational support center. However, use of the library’s space is permitted for non-profit tutoring (i.e., ESL tutors, Literacy Volunteers, Montville Board of Education Home Instructors, etc.) only.

These tutors must register and be authorized by the Library Director or his or her designee.

Revised by the Library Board of Trustees, February 8, 2016


Internet Policy

Adopted by the Montville Township Public Library Board


The Montville Township Public Library Board is committed to ensuring access to information through technology. Access to digital information is fundamental for supporting continuous lifelong learning. Recognizing its role to provide access to electronic information, the Montville Township Public Library offers public access to the Internet.


The Library upholds and affirms the right of every individual to have access to material on the Internet. The content of the Internet is not managed or governed by any entity; therefore users may encounter materials they consider offensive. The Library supports guided access to information. The Library also supports the right to privacy and confidentiality of Library users in accordance with New Jersey State Laws. Parents and guardians are responsible for monitoring Internet access by children.


The Library Board and its employees assume no responsibility for damages of any type arising from the use of Montville Township Public Library Internet workstations.


Illegal use of the Internet is prohibited. Patrons may not use the Library's Internet access to view, print, distribute, display, send or receive images, text or graphics of obscene material or material that violates laws relating to child pornography. Library users may not disseminate, exhibit or display to minors materials that are harmful to minors.


Library users must abide by the Internet Use Rules as approved by the Library Board.


The Montville Township Public Library provides Internet access for conducting research, retrieving information, exploring ideas, facilitating communication, and accessing the full array of resources available through the World Wide Web. These are fundamental to supporting continuous lifelong learning for people of all ages. Unlike the selection of library materials on library shelves, however, librarians do not select the offerings of the Internet. Because not all Internet sites are accurate and complete, and some sites may be offensive, library users are encouraged to exercise critical judgment in accessing these sites.


The Internet has raised new challenges for public libraries. Because of its graphical display format, we must through these guidelines work to balance the rights of individuals to access information and the need to provide a welcoming environment for people of all ages. The Library is committed to providing its employees and patrons with an environment that is free from all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment, and prohibiting the display of obscene material, child pornography, and material that is harmful to minors and to make every possible effort within constitutional limits to prevent minors from viewing materials that could be deemed harmful.


All public access computer workstations with Internet access in public areas employ filtering technology. The type of filter used is a "Proxy server" meaning that a "Filter Vendor" maintains a secondary server through which all requests are filtered. Patrons may request to use an unfiltered workstation that is normally not accessible by the public. The library will maintain a description of filter criteria used and will provide the description to adults upon request. The Library will continue to monitor and evaluate technological changes related to the Internet.


Internet Use Rules:

The Library provides computer workstations with Internet access in all its public areas. Decisions on the number, placement, and type of computer workstations at each site are based on considerations of demand, staff capacity, available floor space, electrical/cable access, and budgetary constraints.


The following rules and procedures govern the use of Internet workstations:


Time Limit per person:

One half-hour per person in each six-hour period system-wide. Sign-in at the circulation desk is required.

Internet Access will be available during all operating hours. Only basic instructions for use will be available.

Catalog Only Workstations: Some workstations are designated for use of the Library catalog and its related databases. These workstations are not to be used for general Internet use.


Children’s Workstations: 

Workstations in the Children’s are designated for primary use by children. Procedures at this location regulate use of these workstations by persons other than the intended audience.


Shared Use of Workstations:

No more than two persons may share the use of an Internet workstation at the same time. Study group accommodations may be made with staff.


Information may be saved by printing or downloading to your own diskette. Printouts cost $.10 (ten cents) per page. The Montville Public Library is not responsible for any information downloaded from a library computer.


Responsibilities of Users:

All patrons must observe the policies, rules and procedures established by the Library, including the Internet Use Rules and, in respect to these guidelines. Users at Internet workstations should bear in mind that the workstations are located in public areas shared by people of all ages and backgrounds, and are expected to show consideration for others when viewing web pages. All library users are expected to respect the privacy of all other library users.


Use of any workstation is for legal purposes only.


No person shall use a library workstation in a way that disturbs or interferes with users, employees or operations of the Library.


Patrons may not:

  • View, print, distribute display, send, or receive images, text or graphics of obscene materials or material that violates laws relating to child pornography.

  • Disseminate, exhibit, or display to minors materials that are harmful to minors.

  • Enter or post information in any "chat" room."

  • Use an Internet workstation to transmit threatening or harassing material.

  • Engage in any activity that is deliberately offensive or creates an intimidating or hostile environment.

  • Violate copyright or software licensing agreements, including the downloading of copyrighted text or music files.

  • Gain unauthorized access to any computing, information, or communications devices or resources.

  • Damage, alter, or degrade computer equipment, peripherals, software, or configurations.

  • Install software applications.

  • Use a workstation to wager.


Responsibility and Authority of Staff:

Library employees are responsible for implementing the Internet Use Rules. Library employees are expected to take prompt and appropriate action to enforce the Internet Use Rules, and are authorized to terminate an Internet use session by anyone who fails to comply. Library employees may refuse to provide assistance to a patron if they believe that it may result in them viewing pornographic material on a computer display screen or in printed form, but then they must immediately request assistance from a supervisor who will take appropriate action.


Use of the Internet by Children:

The Montville Public Library respects the responsibility of all parents, guardians and caregivers to guide their own children's use of the library, its resources and services. Some of our workstations are reserved for use by children under the age of 13; displaying of materials harmful to minors is prohibited. Both posted signs and the staff encourage parents, guardians, teachers, and caregivers to work with their children at these workstations.


Parents, guardians, and caregivers are responsible for their own children’s use of the Internet. They are encouraged to discuss the use of the Internet with their children in relation to their own beliefs and boundaries, and to monitor their children’s use of the Internet. The Library will offer tools to assist parents, guardians, and caregivers in their work with their own children. The tools include but are not limited to skilled staff, handouts and recommended websites.


Although filtering software is utilized, it is an imperfect technology. The Montville library is not able to guarantee the effectiveness of this technology and emphasizes that parents, guardians, and caregivers are responsible for their own children’s use of the Internet as certain uses of the Internet and/or World Wide Web might be inappropriate or harmful to minor children.


Failure to Comply:

Failure to comply with the Internet Use Rules will result in a request from staff to discontinue the activity. Continued violations will result in a request to leave the library facility, and may lead to revocation of library privileges, including the right to visit the buildings and grounds. Repeat offenders or persons ordered from the premises who do not comply may be subject to arrest and prosecution for trespassing.


Offenders may be subject to criminal prosecution under federal or state law, and should expect the Library to pursue such action to the fullest extent of the law. By way of illustration, but not by limitation, under New Jersey law, it is a crime of the third degree, punishable by imprisonment from 3-5 years and a fine of $15,000, to access, alter, damage or destroy a computer system or any of its parts, purposely and without authorization (N.J.S.A. 2C:20-30); it is a crime of the third degree punishable by imprisonment from 3-5 years and a fine of $15,000, to directly or indirectly disclose or cause to be disclosed data, data base, computer software or computer programs, purposely and without authorization (N.J.S.A. 2C:20-31); and, it is a disorderly persons offense, punishable by imprisonment up to 1 year and a fine of $1,000, to access a computer or any of its parts, purposely and without authorization, notwithstanding that such access does not result in the altering, damaging or destruction of any property or services (N.J.S.A. 2C:20-32). Additionally, it is a crime in the fourth degree to publicly display, post, exhibit, give away, or vocalize obscene material (N.J.S.A. 2C:34-4).


The Library must be notified about any violations of computer laws and policies, as well as actual or potential breaches of security of the computer system and networks. All users of the Library’s computer system and networks are expected to cooperate with the Library in its operation of the computer system and networks, as well as the investigation of misuse or abuse.



The Montville Public Library assumes no responsibility for any damage, direct or indirect, that users or anyone else may suffer through access to the Internet. All public Internet users agree to hold the Library harmless from any claims, losses, damages, and obligations related to:

  • Infringement of U.S. Copyright Law governing the reproduction, distribution, adaptation, public performance, and public display of copyrighted material.

  • The use and/or accuracy of information obtained from the Library's electronic information system.

  • Damage to non-library software or hardware resulting from viruses downloaded via the Library's Internet services.


The Montville Public Library, its trustees and employees bear no liability or responsibility for the display of obscene material or the misconduct associated with the use of public access workstations.

Pio Costa Meeting Room Policy


The Montville Township Public Library is aware of the need for meeting space for government, local groups, and organizations. Making available such accomodations to the public is an additional service, which the Library may render under conditions set by the Library Board. Permission to use the meeting room does not constitute an endorsement of a group's policies or beliefs by the Library Board of Trustees.


Space, staff limitations, and library schedules necessarily require regulatory measures, which affect the use of the meeting room. These rules may be modified for official library or Township functions when deemed appropriate. The Library Director and the Library Board reserve the right to deny permission to use the meeting rooms. 

Please click here for the complete Pio Costa Meeting Room Policy. 


Purpose of the Collection Development Policy

The Montville Township Collection Development Policy provides guidance for the evaluation and selection of materials which anticipate and meet the needs of the Montville Township Community. The policy is in support of the Library’s mission to connect residents of all ages with learning opportunities for growth and success through inviting dynamic spaces, technology, and resources. It is used by the library staff in the selection of materials and also serves to acquaint the public with the principles of selection.  It is the Library’s goal to provide the diverse Montville Township Community with library materials that reflect a wide range of views, expressions, opinions, and interests.

As the community changes, the library will need to reassess and adapt its collections to reflect new and differing areas of interest and concern. The collection development policy will be periodically evaluated and revised as necessary to provide guidance for implementing changes in the collection.


Intellectual Freedom

As a basis for this collection development policy, the Library Board has reviewed and endorses the Library Bill of rights, The Freedom to Read statement, and The Freedom to View statement of the American Library Association. These documents may be accessed on the ALA’s website:



The Montville Township Public Library connects residents of all ages with learning opportunities for growth and success through inviting dynamic spaces, technology, and resources. It is the goal of the library to:

  • Provide a wide range of library materials which reflect the diverse needs and interests of the community

  • Support the information needs of its users by providing timely, accurate and useful information

  • Offer our patrons library material and information in a wide variety of formats, including access to digital content.

  • Provide supplementary materials and services to meet the educational needs of the community.


Responsibility for Selection

Responsibility for initial selection of library materials rests with the Library’s professional staff, based on the criteria cited below. Designated staff, depending on their areas of expertise, education, training, and experience, are responsible for specific areas of the collection, monitoring their selections against the budgetary constraints for each selection format and area.  The responsibility for selection ultimately rests with the Library Director, operating within the framework of policies determined by the Board of the Montville Township Public Library.


Selection Criteria

Materials selection is defined as the decision-making process of adding new materials or retaining existing materials to the library’s collection. All library materials, regardless of format or intended audience, are evaluated according to these guidelines. Items are judged as a complete work rather than on the merits of individual parts.

In order to maintain a diverse collection of items, materials will be selected from a range of sources, including but not limited to, evaluations by reviewers in professional library publications such as Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, Horn Book, School Library Journal, and Publisher’s Weekly, evaluations by critics in the popular press, staff review of materials from publishers, and suggestions from the community. While we cannot honor every specific request from the community, we will carefully consider each, and if they meet the standards cited below, we will fulfill as many as possible.

Selections are made on the merits of the materials under consideration in relation to the existing collection and the needs of our users. The library will base its inclusion of materials on the following guidelines:

  • Relevance to the needs and interests of the community

  • Extent of publicity, critical review and current or anticipated demand

  • Current or historical significance of the author or subject

  • Local significance of the author or subject

  • Relevance to the existing collection’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Evaluations in professional and popular media with preference given to titles vetted in the editorial and publishing industry

  • Reputation of author, publisher or producer

  • Scarcity of published information on a subject area

  • Sustainability of format to Library circulation and use

  • Date of Publication

  • Price, availability and Library materials budget

The Library does not collect textbooks but will consider the curriculum needs of the local school system and attempt to support those needs through the purchase of supplemental materials when possible.

Special consideration will be given to locally produced or authored material.


Non-print media (including DVDs, Audiobooks, recorded music, video games, and downloadable and streaming audiobooks and eBooks)

Criteria for evaluation and selection of non-print formats are the same as used for print material, however, part of the Library’s collection of downloadable audio and eBook material is made through the MAIN consortium and therefore group decisions are made regarding the addition of new materials. Video games are purchased by popularity and bestselling lists and reviews in PC Gamer and Xbox Magazine. Further criteria to be considered are:

  • Ease of use and popularity of the format

  • Accessibility to multiple users

  • Access to needed equipment

  • Enhancement of the print equivalent (if any) in terms of speed, flexibility, combinations of search terms, or general utility

  • Continued access to retrospective information when necessary or desirable

  • Expected lifespan of the format


Patron recommendations

To assure the acquisition of resources desired by Library users, patron recommendations are always considered for their addition to the collection. Patron suggestions must meet the same criteria as materials selected by library staff, outlined in section 5.



The Montville Township Public Library welcomes financial gifts for the purchase of books and other materials for the library. Monetary gifts will only be accepted without imposed restrictions in order to maximize the use of the donation. No conditions may be imposed by the donor after the Library’s acceptance of a gift.

The Library will occasionally accept donations of books or other materials if the items are in line with the selection criteria outlined in section 5. Books and other materials not placed in our collection will either be donated to the Library’s book sale or sent to our company partners that sell used books to the public and donate part of their proceeds back to the library’s materials budget. The Library does not appraise gifts or assume the cost of appraisal for donated items.


Placement of Material

Several factors determine the placement of material at the Montville Township Public Library. Dewey Decimal classification and BISAC (Book Industry Subject and Category) subject headings are used to arrange the various collections.  Materials are also classified under broader headings such as “Adult Fiction,” Juvenile Non-fiction,” “Young Adult Fiction,” “Adult Mystery,” and “Reference.” Items in the nonfiction collection are further divided by subject. Professional reviews recommending age appropriateness aid Librarians in selecting and placing material. All of the Library’s collections are available to patrons of all ages. The location of items in a collection is determined by the classification scheme, professional reviews, and the Librarians’ expertise. It is the responsibility of parents, and not the Library staff, to monitor materials use by children.


Periodicals and magazines

The library’s newspaper and magazine collection provides current and retrospective information aimed at meeting the research and recreational needs of the community. The collection also contains periodicals that serve the professional reading and review needs of the library staff. The periodical collection includes popular reading magazines, publications in languages other than English, and a selection of business, trade and local news publications. Journals which are highly technical or scholarly are not included in the collection. In addition to magazines, the collection includes national and local newspapers.

Selection guidelines are the same as those outlined in the print selection criteria in section 5.


Materials in languages other than English

The library maintains a collection of circulating materials in languages other than English to meet the informational and recreational needs of the Montville community. Resources include books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, and sound recordings in the languages used by members of the community, for example Hindi, Gujarati, Korean, and Chinese.

The library’s collection also includes materials which aid in language learning. These resources include books such as grammars and dictionaries and audio and visual materials for learning a language other than English.

The library is committed to developing and maintaining world language collections which meet the needs of a changing Montville Township population. World language needs are accessed through such tools as patron registration data, census and Community survey data, patron requests, circulation statistics, and community awareness. Any information gathered is used to determine the size and scope of the collection in each language. Availability and quality of materials may impact the development of these collections.


Collection Maintenance, Replacement, and Weeding

Professional staff regularly review items in the collection to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of the community and to achieve the following objectives:

  • To use shelf space efficiently

  • To place quality before quantity in building a viable collection

  • To provide current, accurate information by discarding outdated materials

  • To keep the collection fresh and in good condition

Weeding, or removal of materials from the collection, will be based on the following criteria:

  • Factually inaccurate or obsolete

  • Worn beyond repair, incomplete sets

  • Not circulated in three or more years and not a definitive work

  • Superseded by a new edition or better topic on the title

  • Unnecessarily duplicated

Weeded materials are not automatically replaced. The decision to replace withdrawn or lost items depends on several factors including but not limited to:

  • Availability of the item

  • Existing coverage of the subject matter

  • Popularity of the item

  • Budget/cost

  • Format of the item

  • Availability of the item in MAIN or through Interlibrary Loan


Reconsideration of Library Materials

The Montville Township Public Library is dedicated to maintaining a balanced collection of materials that represents differing points of view on public issues, as well as diverse general reading interests. The inclusion of material in the Library’s collection does not represent an endorsement of a particular belief or viewpoint put forth by the author. Library materials will not be sequestered. The selection of any material for the Library’s collection does not constitute an endorsement of its content. The Library recognizes that many materials can be considered controversial and that any given item may offend some patrons. The Library will make an effort to provide materials that represent a variety of viewpoints. 

MTPL provides the public with a procedure to request the withdrawal of an item from the Library’s collection. The reconsideration process is always used in conjunction with the library’s policy on access to materials as put forth in the ALA’s Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement.

When a patron objects to an item in the Library’s collection, the senior professional staff person on duty should establish the full nature of the complaint and refer to the Material Selection Guidelines put forth in this document when appropriate. If the patron would like to pursue the request for reconsideration, the staff person will:

  • Provide the patron with a copy of the Request for Reconsideration form (section 14)

  • Inform the patron that a completed and signed request for reconsideration form is required to ensure that the Library Director has a full explanation and understanding of the issue.

  • Inform the patron that the Director will seriously consider the request and respond in a confidential and timely manner.

The staff member will submit the completed form to the Library Director along with supporting material.

Upon receipt of the request and any pertinent materials, the Library Director will review. If the patron is satisfied with a phone response from the Library Director, the form will be filed and the matter considered closed.

If the patron requires a written response, the Director will weigh all materials in hand and may consult other professional staff. Finally, the Library Director will prepare a written response to the patron within 90 days of receipt of the form. The response will include the Library Director’s decision as to the placement of the material within the collection as well as an explanation of that decision.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees July 12, 2021

Policy Statement
The Montville Township Public Library is the Place to Grow for community members of all ages
and backgrounds. It is our hope that children find the library to be a welcoming, enjoyable, and
safe place. However, the library is a public place and the staff has many duties to perform in
order to help all of our patrons. The staff cannot monitor the whereabouts or behavior of
children, nor can they be responsible for any consequences of caregivers forfeiting their
responsibilities. Public Libraries, by their nature, are subject to “stranger danger” and are not
necessarily safe for unattended children. We encourage families and youth to use the library,
and while doing so, affirm the parents’ and/or caregiver’s responsibility for their child’s safety.
The following policy was developed to maintain a safe environment for our children.

An unattended child is defined as a child without a responsible adult on library premises.
Disruptive behavior is any behavior within the library that infringes on the rights of others
using the library and/or is in direct violation of the Library’s Code of Conduct.

Associated Policy
Code of Conduct


For their own protection, all children must be supervised while on library property and in the library
building. Children under (10) must have a responsible caregiver 16 or older on the premises, and
children 7 or under must be in sight of a caregiver at all times.
Children are subject to the same rules of conduct as other patrons and are subject to the same
consequences, including restricted or suspended library privileges. A parent or caregiver may be
notified, at the determination of the Library Director or a staff member, if a minor of any age’s behavior
in the library violates the Library Code of Conduct. If an attended child is disruptive, library staff may
address the child and parent/caregiver concerning the behavior. If the behavior remains disruptive, they
may be asked to leave the library until the situation resolves.
If a child is found to be unattended in the library at any time or if an unattended child becomes
disruptive, the Library may act to resolve the situation. If necessary, library staff may summon
the Montville Township Police Department.

Children between the ages of 10 and 18 can use the Library’s telephone to call a caregiver for a

If the Library is closing, at regular time or in an emergency situation, and a parent or caregiver
of a child cannot be located in the building, two staff members will wait with the child for 10
minutes. If after 10 minutes, a parent or caregiver does not pick up the child, the Montville
Township Police Department will be called.

Adults may visit the Teen and Children’s areas only when accompanied by children, or
special needs adults using those departments or retrieving materials for research or

Exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of the Library Director.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees September 13, 2021

Collection Development Policy


Child Safety Policy